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Courses and training programmes to enable dental practices to optimise the dental therapist and dental hygienist services in delivering care of excellence that is profitable; Helping you to Love Your Dentistry


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How to Design a Profitable Periodontal Programme 


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Welcome to Love Your Dentistry

Having designed, delivered, and helped others to run successful and profitable hygienist and therapist models that increase profitability in the dental practice, we are the go-to people to help you to design and navigate the full implementation of the dental therapist and dental hygienist models.

Your Success is Our Success!

You can develop yourself and your dental hygienist and therapist models through:




Do you want to offer a great hygiene service but are stuck with back-to-back appointments and can’t see the business model to drive this forward?


This is a very common situation that principals find themselves in, and it isn’t as simple as employing a hygienist or therapist.


There also isn’t a single straight forward solution BUT by exploring the scope of care and blending the service into the dentistry the opportunities are endless.


We are the experts in helping you to see and in supporting you in this journey!


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What People Are Saying!


‘Love your Dentistry’ does what it says on the tin!  Mel and Flo’s vast experience and training embrace the team ethos and will guide you through the challenges of modern dental practice leading you to increased personal and financial success.

Neel Jaiswal BDS
Principal Dentist 
Neel Dentistry



"The training we received was highly motivational and easy to implement. The road map clearly shows the journey and allows the whole team to be become fully immersed in the courses."


David Bloom BDS N'cle
Visiting Restorative and Cosmetic Dentist


"Flo and Mel's enthusiasm and expertise shine through their programmes.  I would recommend 'Love Your Dentistry' to anyone serious about growing their dental practice"

Gayle Reekie BSc
Cosmetic Dental Therapist


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